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    Ankle Sprain Severity Grading

    Published on March 4th, 2016

    Ankle sprains and strains are some of the most common ankle injuries that people face, particularly athletes. People who play tennis, basketball, soccer, and runners tend to be the most often affected, though anyone can sprain their ankle. Sprains can range from mild to severe, and there is a specific grading process doctors adhere to when diagnosing an ankle sprain or strain.

    Grade 1: If you sprain your ankle, you want it to be a Grade 1 sprain or strain. Your injury is mild, with minimal ligament/muscle tearing. Though there will be some tenderness and pain, along with slight bruising and swelling, it is easy to treat at home once you have gone to the doctor to rule out anything more severe.

    Grade 2: With Grade 2 ankle sprains and strains, it is a worse injury than Grade 1, but milder than Grade 3. Some of your ligaments may be fully torn, but the tissue will still be able to remain intact, and full health can be restored. You will likely experience slight difficulty walking, medium bruising and swelling, and some pain. Treatment depends on the doctor, but you may have to wear a small brace for a short period of time.

    Grade 3: This level of ankle sprain or strain may result in surgery. All of the affected ligaments and/or muscles are completely torn, and the ankle cannot have weight placed on it at all. You will notice severe swelling, pain, and bruising. It is crucial that you seek treatment straight away when dealing with a Grade 3 sprain or strain.

    No matter the severity, you should always see a foot and ankle specialist when you have an ankle sprain or strain. Seeking treatment right away helps your ankle heal faster, and prevents the injury from becoming worse.

    Courtesy of: Sports-Health

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