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    Caring for Feet in the Cold Months

    Published on October 29th, 2020

    In the Midwest, we’re only midway through the fall and looking forward to months of increasingly cold weather. This is an ideal time to revisit proper care for your feet and make sure that they’re ready to take on the frost. Here are some foot-friendly, cold-weather tips that we suggest incorporating into your routine.

    Wash and Inspect Your Feet

    This advice is important year-round, but perhaps especially so during the colder months when our feet are more almost continuously hidden away in socks. Washing your feet regularly with warm, soapy water can help minimize the likelihood that you will develop an ingrown toenail or foot fungus.

    While washing, check in with your feet and make note of any changes to your skin, toenails, or the overall feeling of your foot. Be sure to dry your feet completely before putting them into a new pair of socks. If you are experiencing any pain or notice any unusual symptoms, connect with a podiatrist to make sure that a solution is found quickly.

    Recover With a Foot Soak

    When you have a little extra time during the week, you may want to soak your feet. Soaking your feet in warm (but not overly hot) water can help your tired muscles relax and recover. You can choose to mix Epsom salt into your foot bath as well, which can increase the soothing properties of the soak as well as ward off infections.

    Wear Proper Footwear

    It’s important to invest in weather-appropriate footwear to wear during the coldest months of the year. Those who try to push their luck with breathable sneakers, flats, or (gasp) open-toed shoes run the risk of injuring their feet in the cold. Picking thick, sweat-wicking socks to go with your shoes or boots can help improve your foot-healthy coverage.

    Exercise Your Feet at Home

    Most people spend extra time at home during the cold months and see their step counters plummet. Maintaining your activity level at home despite the weather conditions outside is important for your podiatric and overall health. Stretching your feet with calf-raises, doing leg lifts, and practicing yoga are all good ways to preserve your health and stability.

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