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    Hammer Toe Symptoms and Treatment

    Published on January 16th, 2019

    While it can be caused by many different factors, typically hammer toe is an imbalance in muscles causing the joints of the smaller toes to bend permanently. Hammer toes may cause significant pain and pressure in the smaller toes. In addition to pain, this may result in calluses or corns from rubbing against the inside of your shoes.

    Can I avoid Hammer Toe?

    A simple preventative measure you can take is finding shoes with adequate room and avoiding high heels, which are a leading cause to many foot problems! Without proper treatment you may lose flexibility in those toes, have continued pain and have difficulty finding comfortable shoes when the toes cannot retain their natural shape.

    What treatment is available?

    At Alpine Foot Specialists, we will work with you to determine which procedure will best fit your lifestyle to correct hammer toe. Some cases of hammer toe can be treated through simple exercises to regain movement in your toes. A more advanced treatment would require a minor surgery to correct the malformation. The procedure is very simple and can be done in our offices. Most patients are able to walk the same day as the surgery, but we do recommend that activity is limited up to six weeks.

    Who is affected?

    The likelihood of hammer toe increases with age and tends to affect women more than men, but it can occur in anyone. Early detection and treatment is key in preventing the need for surgery, so if you have questions regarding hammer toe, contact us and we can discuss a plan of treatment for you.

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