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    Healing Shin Splints

    Published on October 15th, 2018

    For runners, there’s no better time of year than the fall. The weather is finally cold enough that you can run outside without constantly breaking into a sweat. Plus, the running views are enhanced thanks to all of the leaves that are changing colors. However, taking advantage of the great running weather can ultimately take a toll on your body. Shin splints are a common injury that many runners must deal with, and they can be extremely painful. The pain occurs in the front part of your leg along the tibia, and pain especially increases after the run is over. Sometimes, this pain can even stop you from running altogether! This injury may occur in one or both shins.

    Bone-Related Shin Splints

    If your shin splints are bone-related, it is best to visit one of our podiatrists to be properly diagnosed. This will ensure that your injury does not progress into something worse such as a stress fracture down the road. Rest is another important facet of recovering from a shin splint. If you want to continue to work out, choose a different activity such as swimming or biking that will not make the injury worse.

    Muscle-Related Shin Splints

    Foam rolling is a great way to help heal your shin splints if they are a muscular injury. Run your shins and calves with a foam roller for five minutes multiples times throughout the day to help loosen the fascia. Also opt for motion-support shoes, as this could be helpful in correcting the biomechanical problems in the feet.

    At the very least, visit our podiatrists to make sure your shin splints are not getting any worse.

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