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    High Heels and Your Foot Health

    Published on November 2nd, 2018

    While high heels may be a fashion statement that is always in style, have you ever stopped to think about the role that high heels have on your foot health? In fact, most high heels are relatively uncomfortable, and this is for a reason. Next time you reach for your high heels, keep these facts in mind.

    Cosmetic Foot Problems

    Think about your toes being pressed forward inside of your high heels. Gravity naturally positions your feet in this downward position, which can cause your toes to become permanently bent down (hammer toes). Your toenails pressing against your heels can also cause ingrown toenails to develop. It is best to only wear high heels when you absolutely have to and take breaks if they are too uncomfortable.

    Other Injuries

    If you wear high heels on a regular basis, you may end up strain your ankles or other tendons in your foot. Repeated strains may lead to tendonitis. This occurs because your foot is elevated, and the weight is being forced downwards, which means the tension gets taken off of the Achilles tendon, causing it to shorten over time. This explains why many older women who have worn heels their whole life can no longer wear flats comfortably because their tendons are very tight. Too much weight on the front part of your feet can even cause a stress fracture!

    Twisted Ankles

    Last, but not least, high heels are an accident waiting to happen if you are even a little bit clumsy. One misstep can cause an ankle twist or a sprain. It is best to stick with flats.

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