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    The Proper Pedicure

    Published on June 16th, 2016

    Now that it is summer, pedicures become more and more common. After all, who doesn’t love wearing sandals with a nice bright color on their toes? However, pedicures can lead to foot fungus and other issues if you don’t follow these tips for pedicures!

    • Scheduling: To ensure that the tools are as clean as can be and that foot baths have been cleaned, schedule your pedicure early in the morning. In addition, to truly protect your feet, bring your own tools to the salon. You’ll feel better that the tools are your own and that you know when and how they’ve been cleaned.
    • The Right Tools: Whether you are getting a pedicure by a professional, or are doing one at home, it is important that the correct tools are being used. A pumice stone is hugely beneficial for eliminating dead skin and calluses. Keep your nails clean with a wooden or rubber manicure stick, but NEVER use the same tools for a manicure and a pedicure, otherwise fungus can occur. It likely goes without saying, but don’t use sharp tools to clean your nails.
    • Avoid Ingrown Toenails: Always use a toenail clipper rather than manicure scissors or fingernail clippers to prevent ingrown toenails, and then use your own emery board to smooth the edges of the nail. However, while smoothing, do not round the edges of your toenail because that can increase the chances of an ingrown toenail.
    • Moisture: Clearly, a footbath involves moisture. However, it is important that your feet are completely dried off to avoid fungus and/or athlete’s foot-including between the toes!
    • Painting: This may seem counterintuitive, but a pedicure doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to paint your toenails. In fact, only have them painted if your feet are 100% healthy, because if they aren’t, your toenail beds are unable to breathe, which can aggravate any problem. Assuming they are healthy, remove the polish after a regular amount of time, and use a remover that does not have any acetone in it.

    With these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy pedicures throughout the summer! Remember that if you are experiencing any pain in your feet that you should see a podiatrist. At Alpine Foot Specialists, we can treat everything from ingrown toenails to bunions!

    Courtesy of: APMA

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