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    Protecting Your Feet from Sunburn

    Published on June 6th, 2018

    Before going outside on a typical summer day, you likely put sunscreen on your arms, legs and face. But your feet are usually left out of the process. Forgetting to put sunscreen on your feet could lead to a serious sunburn that makes it painful for you to put on shoes or even walk; even worse, sunburned feet can lead to skin cancer. Especially because many people wear flip-flops or no shoes during the summer, feet are left susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. It’s better to be safe than sorry; make sure to put sunscreen on your feet the next time you head out for a day in the sun.

    How to Treat Sunburned Feet

    Aloe vera and other soothing lotions are your best bet when it comes to treating sunburned feet. When you are recovering from a burn, make sure to keep your feet protected from the sun to avoid further damage.

    When to See a Podiatrist

    As soon as your sunburn starts turning into a blister, it’s best to visit our professionals at Alpine Foot Specialists. Severely sunburned feet can begin to blister over time, some of the blisters even filling up with fluid if they are big enough. If this is the case for you, our doctors can remove some of the fluid without taking off the top layer of skin. This will help prevent infection. We will also show you some proper dressing techniques so that you can properly heal the damaged area.

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