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    Tip top summer foot care tips

    Published on July 12th, 2012

    Foot care problems rank low on the list that most Americans are concerned about when it comes to their health needs. Now that we are into summer, and an especially warm one at that, here are some tips to keep your feet in optimal condition:

    Check your feet daily

    Every day make sure to check the skin color and texture of your feet. Changes in color of your toe nails could be an early warning sign that you are developing an infection. If your skin is thick or dry, this also increases the probability of a developing infection on your feet. If you are concerned about the condition of your feet, please call my office immediately to set up an appointment.

    Trim your toe nails the right way

    When cutting your toe nails, be sure to cut your nails straight. Rounded edges increase the probability of ingrown toe nails. Be careful not to cut your nails too short because it could lead to nails growing improperly, which can cause redness, swelling, and infection.

    Wipe the soles of your feet with antiperspirant

    During the summer, feet get warmer than other seasons and sweat much more. This can lead to a number of conditions such as fungal infections, blisters, warts, and smelly feet. Wiping your feet with an antiperspirant will keep your feet dryer and cut down the probability that your feet will become infected. If your feet do get sweaty after wearing shoes, wash them thoroughly. Make sure to dry well, especially between your toes.

     Organize your shoes

    All shoes that you own should properly cushion, support, and fit your feet. Be sure to find a pair of shoes that leave enough room for your toes. Instead of wearing shoes and sandals that are weak structurally, look for sturdier pairs that will offer your feet better arch support. This alone prevents many foot care problems that people tend to experience.

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