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    Tips For Dealing With Hammertoe Discomfort

    Published on October 26th, 2021

    While hammertoes are not medically dangerous, they can certainly be uncomfortable and sometimes even debilitating. They happen when there’s a muscle and ligament imbalance around the toe joint, which causes the middle toe to bend without being able to unbend. If your hammertoe causes you to suffer from any pain or discomfort, there are luckily many measures you can take to make daily life much more manageable.

    Wear Wide-Toed Shoes

    A common issue for those with hammertoes is their toes not having enough space in shoes. Wearing shoes that have a broad toe-box gives your toes plenty of space to move and breathe so there is no added discomfort or pain. If the toe-box is too narrow, your hammertoe might dig into the sides of the shoe or your other toes.

    Use Hammertoe Pads

    PediFix Toe Tubes, which are sold in our office, are a great product to relieve discomfort. They are put over the affected toe to protect it, and are made of soothing gel to absorb any pressure or friction. They also release mineral oil to soften skin at the same time and are very flexible so you have a full range of motion. They can even be cut to your preferred size and washed to keep clean.

    Custom Shoe Inserts

    Custom-made inserts to wear inside your shoe could greatly decrease any discomfort you’re experiencing when walking around. If the pain doesn’t subside enough from anti-inflammatory medications or broad toe-box shoes, inquiring about custom-made inserts could greatly help any pain you experience while walking around on a daily basis.

    Consult With Your Podiatrist

    Depending on the severity of your hammertoe, your podiatrist will be able to recommend the best treatment option. More severe ones may need surgery to be fixed, while less severe ones can be remedied through simple stretches or products. Our qualified team is well-versed in hammertoe treatment and can help make yours easier to deal with. For hammertoe treatment and all of your podiatry needs, contact us today.

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