Clarix Flo

Avoiding unnecessary surgery is (or should be) the top priority of every doctor and patient. So, when something comes along that can help stimulate the body’s natural healing process, thus avoiding the need for surgery, it’s a big thing for the medical community.

What Is Clarix Flo?

Clarix Flo is a new and sought after treatment for heel pain that will deliver success when other conservative treatment methods have failed. The Clarix Flo injection contains amniotic tissue from the umbilical cord, meaning it has regenerative properties. The injection helps promote healing and tissue growth while also controlling the inflammation.

Clarix Flo is that something. It’s a regenerative therapy introduced by Amniox that’s designed to regenerate tissue and avoid or delay surgery.

A recent study by Dr. Ryan Scott of The CORE Institute in Phoenix and Dr. David Garras of Midwest Orthopedic Consultants showed that Clarix Flo significantly decreased pain from baseline and improved overall functional recovery. The study evaluated the effectiveness of Clarix Flo on plantar fasciitis.

Clarix Flo is effective because it is a natural tissue-based therapy.

Both the umbilical cord and amniotic membrane are essential in the development of human fetuses. The umbilical cord supplies rich nutrients and blood while the amniotic membrane provides protection and helps the baby develop. The umbilical cord and amniotic membrane are “placental tissues.” Placental tissues have powerful restorative abilities that help wounds to heal quickly and without scarring.

Quick Facts

Clarix Flo is so powerful because it makes use of natural biological structures.

By harnessing the power of these natural tissues, Clarix Flo works to “preserve the biological and structural integrity of the native tissue.”

Other Clarix products effectively treat chronic wounds; they promote healing in surgical applications, and they treat other similar degenerative disorders.

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Benefits of Clarix Flo

Obviously, anything that speeds up the healing process is beneficial. But the lack of scarring has important functional applications as well. Minimal scarring allows patients to heal more quickly and with less pain because the movement is not restricted by tough scar tissue.

For example, should you require rehabilitation through physical therapy? Working through scar tissue may slow down this process. Clarix Flo helps reduce scar tissue which makes it easier to progress through physical therapy.

Clarix Flo also regulates inflammation, another way it helps to speed up the healing process.

These powerful restorative properties are not exclusive to plantar fasciitis. Clarix Flo treats all kinds of inflammatory or degenerative conditions, such as Achilles tendonitis.

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