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    5 Ways to Prevent Foot Pain This Year

    Published on January 4th, 2019

    The new year is a great time to reset and commit to healthy habits, so why not begin the new year with healthy foot care as well? Beginning the year by taking preventative care of your feet, will help you eliminate foot pain you might otherwise encounter in the months and years to come. Below are 5 easy ways to prevent foot pain this year.

    Stretch your feet!

    Stretching is an easy way to strengthen your feet and keep the joints lubricated. Many stretches can be done while you are seated at your desk or at home in front of the TV! You can find five easy stretches here.

    Ditch the high heels!

    Many people notice the initial pain in the ball of your foot when wearing high heels, but wearing high heels causes damage to your tendons and ankles as well that you may not initially notice. Swap your stilettos for a more sensible shoe to keep the foot pain at bay. Making this change now will prevent lifelong foot pain. For fashionistas who are unable to break this habit, taking breaks from heels throughout the day or wearing flats on your commute is a helpful first step.

    Practice good foot hygiene!

    Use the spa gift certificates you received over the holidays and treat yourself to a pedicure. Your toes plays a big role in your foot health and proper care of your toenails at a trusted salon can prevent infection and ingrown toenails. A pedicure can also be a way to detect early signs of corns, bunions and infections.

    Invest in quality orthotic devices.  

    Before you experience extreme foot pain, research orthotic devices that may help you prevent further damage. At Alpine Foot Specialists, we are happy to explain which type of orthotic device is best suited for your needs. Our custom orthotics can correct gait, aid in running, and prevent complications from diabetes.  

    Take a break.

    We’ve heard it before, repetitive actions can cause a lot of damage. So how do you still get your endorphin fix when your feet cannot take any more pressure? Switch up your routine and try a low impact workout. Swimming and cycling can take the pressure off your feet while still having an effective cardio workout.

    Cheers to healthy feet in the new year!

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