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    Have an Active Valentine’s Day!

    Published on February 9th, 2017

    While a romantic dinner or a night in may be the perfect Valentine’s Day date for some, there are many that would rather have an active date. Fortunately, there are many different activities you and your significant other-or group of friends!-can do, even during February. From classes to a good old-fashioned hike or run, you can spend Valentine’s Day burning calories!

    Take a Class

    A great way to spend any time with your significant other, or a group of friends, is learning something new by taking a class! There is a variety of classes you could take together, including dance classes, cooking classes, or a fitness class! With new types of exercises available, such as Zumba, you can get active while learning something new. No matter what class you decide to take, make sure it is something you can do together!

    Winter Activities

    Despite the cold, there are actually a lot of fun and active things you can do in the winter! With ice-skating rinks, ski resorts, and more, you can enjoy each other’s company while doing something active outside. You could even join a 5K if there is one near where you live! Take the time to figure out what winter sport you would like to do, whether ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, etc., and make a plan to go for Valentine’s Day!

    Relax Afterwards

    Whenever you decide to do a fun activity for Valentine’s Day, you can always treat yourself afterwards! Wrap up a great active date with a couple’s massage or something else at a spa. If you are doing a Valentine’s getaway, fit in lots of physical activities, but make sure to even them out with some rest and relaxation.

    Valentine’s Day dates can be anything from a fun group class to dinner and movie, as long as it is what you want to do! From a cooking class to ice skating, there is always something to do that maybe you have never tried before.

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