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    Are Pedicures Bad for Your Feet?

    Published on May 6th, 2019

    It’s that time of year again; we can once again pull the sandals from the back of our closets and put away our snow boots. After a long winter, many people, both men and women, head to their local nail shop to get a pedicure. But how safe is getting a professional pedicure? Here’s what you should know.

    Risks Associated with Professional Pedicures

    You may feel pampered while getting a pedicure, but it is important to be aware of the risks that come along with it. Nail trimming needs to be done in a certain way in order to minimize your risk of developing ingrown toenails. Foot soaking can also be worrisome, as it may put you at risk for developing dangerous infections. Make sure that the person doing your pedicure is using instruments from a new package and that you can clearly see the license of the person performing the treatment.

    Tips for Staying Safe During a Pedicure

    If done the right way, getting a pedicure can be beneficial for your feet. Many diseases manifest themselves in the feet, so pedicures are a way to ensure your feet don’t have any red flags. Here are some additional ways to stay safe going into a pedicure:

    • Don’t shave the day of your appointment: If you accidentally nick yourself and break skin, this could be an opportunity for bacteria to enter into your bloodstream.
    • Choose a reputable nail salon: Make sure that the salon is licensed and that they use tools from a sealed package!
    • Only opt for a polish change: You can get the polish changed on your feet without soaking them in water that could potentially have bacteria.

    The bottom line: use your best judgment when it comes to pedicures. They can be a helpful tool for keeping your feet healthy as long as they are completed in a professional and sterile manner.

    If you have gotten a pedicure only for it to result in a foot-related problem, please contact our team at Alpine Foot Specialists!

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