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    Avoid Common Winter Injuries

    Published on January 18th, 2018

    For those that ski, snowboard, ice skate, etc., winter injuries are rather common. Winter weather conditions, while great for winter sports, are not the best for injuries. With ice, snow, wind, and more, the likelihood of an injury increases for everyone, even if you are not playing a winter sport. Even something like slipping on the ice can be a severe injury if you hit your head—and these types of injuries can happen while sledding, ice skating, tobogganing, and more!

    Types of Injuries

    Most injuries can happen during the winter. It is important to know the most common injuries that stem from winter activities, and how you can try to prevent these injuries from happening!

    • Head
    • Shoulder
    • Back
    • Neck pain and tension
    • Knee joint pain and soreness
    • Wrist and/or ankle sprains
    • Elbow fractures and dislocation
    • Hip fracture and soreness

    While the most problematic is going to be a head injury, all of these injuries need to be taken seriously. When you fall in the summer, it is still serious, but ice can complicate injuries tenfold. Oftentimes, you will know right away if you are injured; however there are cases where you don’t think anything is wrong after a fall or something of that nature. Monitor how you are feeling, watch for a bump on your head (a bump is good!) if you hit your head, etc. so that you know whether or not to go to the doctor!

    Foot Pain

    Along with those injuries, it can be extremely easy to sprain your ankle, hurt your knee, and more. For any orthopedic injuries, make sure to come to Alpine Foot Specialists for all of your injuries! We are specialized to take care of foot and ankle issues, meaning your treatment will likely be more effective. Call today, and be safe in winter conditions!

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