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    Basketball-Related Injuries

    Published on January 25th, 2013

    Basketball is a physically demanding sport that involves frequent side-to-side cutting, stopping, sudden acceleration and vertical jumping.  Without proper training and preventative medicine the risk of injury and time on the bench increase.  The most common injuries of the lower extremities that occur in basketball are ankle sprains and stress fractures.  The following information provides tips to avoid these injuries.

    • Choose appropriate shoe gear and bracing.
      • The athlete’s shoes must provide stability, flexibility, and shock absorption to distribute stress to the foot.  The shoe type and bracing needed by athletes depends on their specific foot type, injury history, and weight.  Athletes should discuss their individual needs with their podiatrist to determine the best injury prevention.
    • Replace your shoes in a timely manner.
      • High school and college athletes should replace their basketball shoes every month during the basketball season due to the breakdown and compression of the shoe materials.  Worn out shoe gear is one of the most common causes of stress fractures and heel pain.
    • Wear custom orthotics in your basketball shoes.
      • Orthotics are devices that are worn in your shoes to provide control and decrease stress to the foot. They increase the athlete’s efficiency and decrease strain to joints, tendons, and ligaments. Custom orthotics can be made for athletes after having a mold of their feet made in our office.
    • Incorporate regular stretching, balancing, and strength exercises in your training routine.
      • Running, weight training, and plyometrics are great ways to maintain strength and endurance.
      • During your offseason while recovering you should also maintain your strength and endurance.

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