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    Benefits of Custom Orthotics

    Published on May 10th, 2018

    For dedicated walkers and runners alike, pounding the pavement day after day can take a toll on your body. Not many of us have picture-perfect running form, which can expedite the process of developing soreness and more serious injuries. At Alpine Foot Specialists, we offer custom orthotics that you can fit into nearly any shoe to allow you to stand, walk, run and play sports safely and efficiently.

    Support Where You Need It Most

    Beginning with the material, our professionals will work with you to make sure your orthotics are tailored to your every need. Soft orthotics are generally used to help absorb shock, improve your balance and take the pressure off painful areas. Semi-rigid orthotics are used for a wide array of issues, from flat-footed kids to athletic adults. Rigid orthotics are ideal for dress shoes and boots. Our professionals will evaluate your situation to see what type of orthotics are right for you.

    A Longer Lifespan

    Unlike store-bought orthotics, our custom orthotics are built to last. Because we use high-quality materials and custom-fit the orthotics to your feet, you’ll find them lasting anywhere between two to five years. If you want to get your custom orthotics refurbished when they begin to wear down, we can help you achieve this as well.

    Covered by Insurance

    While this isn’t the case for everyone, there’s a chance your custom orthotics are covered by your insurance, meaning you won’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket to improve comfort and performance.

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