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    After Your Bunion Surgery

    Published on August 4th, 2016

    For those that are in need of bunion surgery, it is important to go through what the actual procedure means and why you need it. Bunions become extremely painful, and severe bunions often need to be removed via surgery. However, what are you to expect after the surgery? After all, this is surgery on your feet!

    The Recovery Period

    Though the recovery period depends upon the severity of the bunions, typical recovery time is about six to eight weeks. However, if the procedure only involves bone shaving, recovery may only be about four weeks. Stitches are usually removed after two weeks, and you can typically return to normal activities, such as driving, after the six to eight weeks.

    Pain Management

    When it comes to pain, it truly is unique to the patient. As with most surgeries, the first couple of days are the worst, but there are ways you can alleviate the pain.

    After the bunion surgery, medication can often help with pain relief. In addition, it is important to keep weight off your foot until it is healed. Rest, elevation, and ice are all recommended to manage the pain after your bunion surgery.

    Bunion Surgery at Alpine Foot Specialists

    Your podiatrist will be able to tell if you need bunion surgery, and can perform the surgery themselves, such as the podiatrists at Alpine Foot Specialists. It is important to discuss items such as if you’ll have a cast, knee scooter, or boot, and what physical therapy you’ll need, if any. Here at Alpine Foot Specialists, we will be able to diagnose and treat your bunions. Contact our office to schedule an appointment!

    Courtesy of: Advanced Podiatry

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