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    Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant

    Published on June 27th, 2017

    The Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant is now offered at Alpine Foot Specialists, and is meant for patients that suffer from arthritis of the big toe joint. Arthritis at the big toe joint is loss of cartilage with joint space narrowing and bone spurs, leading to pain and inability to participate in many activities. The Cartiva Implant is a great option for patients to preserve their own joint and get back to activities quickly! As an alternative to replacing or fusing the joint, patients are able to recover quickly, and can bear weight on their feet immediately following the procedure.

    Other benefits include reduced pain, functional improvement, and improved range of motion. Additionally, the implant is made of materials that function similar to natural cartilage, and the implant is meant to last a lifetime. Those that suffer from arthritis of the big toe joint know how difficult basic functions are, and even walking can be extremely painful. With the new Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant, your range of motion is enhanced, and you will be able to go back to doing the things you love.

    Learn more about the Cartiva implant in this video from NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt!

    If you are looking for a solution to pain in your big toe from arthritis, you may be a great candidate for the Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant. Our podiatrists can discuss the treatment, pros and cons, recovery and rehabilitation, and more.

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