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    Cheers to a Healthy 2017!

    Published on January 11th, 2017

    Most people make some degree of New Year’s resolutions that involve their health. Whether they have a specific weight loss goal or just want to eat healthier, many see January as a starting point for a healthier lifestyle. However, it is important to have a specific goal that is not only feasible, but inspires you. Additionally, many think that exercising or eating better are the only two ways you can improve your health; while doing these things are great, there are also other things to try!

    Social Interaction

    The social bonds you have with family and friends that you love to be around are extremely important. Research even shows that those with stronger social ties actually live longer. In comparison, your health is actually damaged without them; studies suggest that obesity damages your health less than social isolation. Reconnect with those that you have lost touch with and want to see again, and host a fun get together with the friends you are already close with!


    Not only does your happiness increase with social interactions amongst people you love, it also goes up when you are helping others. When you volunteer, you’re able to help those less fortunate, giving one a better worldview and endorphins from giving back. This also can keep you healthy! Those with positive emotions are actually 20% less likely to develop heart disease; they also gain the health benefits of being around people they care about.

    Go to Sleep

    Any New Year’s resolution that involves taking a nap can’t be bad, right? A good night’s sleep is essential for your mood, heart health, short and long-term memory, and more! Most people know how different they feel after a full eight hours versus a night of tossing and turning. Therefore, remember to avoid electronics right before bed, don’t drink caffeine after 2pm, and if you are having sleep problems, see a doctor. Though one bad night won’t hurt, missing out on too much sleep will hurt in the long run.

    To improve your health outside of diet and exercise, try adding one of these tips to your New Year’s resolutions! And remember-a yearly podiatric appointment is never a bad idea!

    Courtesy of: Health.Com

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