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    Elderly Foot Health

    Published on September 7th, 2016

    The importance of preventative care rings true for all aspects of your health, not just your feet. From dental care to proper exercise, taking preventative measures to stay healthy will help you throughout your entire life. As one ages, however, health problems are bound to appear in some form or another. In particular, elderly people are at high risk of developing foot conditions.

    Why is This?

    In general, as one ages, their feet widen and flatten. This can change one’s gait and make it uncomfortable to walk around. In addition, if someone already had flat feet, when they flatten even more, a trip to the podiatrist is necessary! Aging can also cause the sole of the feet to become less padded. Without this support, foot conditions can arise. Dryer feet are also a problem the elderly face.

    In general, foot pain is often a symptom of other health concerns that the elderly face. From arthritis to diabetes, the elderly face more health problems, meaning that their feet often hurt more.

    What are the Next Steps?

    With age, the foot will change. This means that your shoes need to change as well! If you or a loved one realize that they are having difficulty walking because of foot pain, yet they are in shoes they have had for a long time, it is time to replace the shoes. Spend time finding the perfect fit, and see if the problem persists.

    If you are experiencing foot pain, see a podiatrist! Preventative foot health is difficult to achieve without seeing a professional. Here at Alpine Foot Specialists, we will be able to properly diagnose your condition, or provide tips for preventative care. Many health care providers do not necessarily realize the importance of foot health, but we do!

    Elderly foot care is extremely important, especially if diabetes or other vascular problems exist. Contact Alpine Foot Specialists to learn more about preventative care and to schedule an appointment today!

    Courtesy of: ICAA

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