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    Keep Your Feet Safe This Fall

    Published on September 28th, 2016

    For those that are not the fondest of the summer heat, fall is one of the best times to get out for a long walk, or even go hiking. With any physical activity, you will want to make sure you follow some basic safety tips for your feet, such as wearing properly fitting shoes, and wearing moisture wicking socks. However, there are some additional fall safety tips for your feet that will be good to follow!

    Watch the Leaves

    Though the changing colors of the leaves are gorgeous, when they fall off the trees, they can lead to slippery walking conditions. Invest in good hiking boots that have the traction you need to stay upright when walking. In addition, take steps to be hands-free. Find a good hiking backpack that can fit your food, water, camera, etc., without being too heavy or cumbersome. That way, if you do lose your balance, it will be easier to catch yourself.

    Look at The Weather

    Remember that this is the Midwest-anything can happen with the weather! Mornings can be chilly, but by noon, it can be back up to 75 degrees out. If you’re going for a full day, wear layers, and remember to bring a change of socks! That way, you can have a warmer set for the cooler parts of the day and a moisture wicking pair for later on in the day. In addition, go on a day without rain in the forecast. Rain plus falling leaves are a recipe for disaster when hiking in the fall!

    Overall, fall is a beautiful season, and is a great time to go hiking. However, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind that you may not be used to after this hot summer! If you have any foot or ankle pain, hold off on the hiking until you’ve seen a podiatrist at Alpine Foot Specialists!

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