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    Foot and Bone Problems

    Published on January 21st, 2016

    Your feet are made up of twenty-six bones, which is rather a lot considering how small your feet are compared to the rest of your body. Due to the high amount, as well as how small some of the bones are, it is actually rather easy to have something happen. Foot and bone problems are often intertwined, with many different potential foot problems stemming from your bones.

    Bone Spurs: Due to muscle tightness, overuse, or too-tight shoes, bone spurs may develop. Your body feels the need to protect the original bone from this friction, causing it to lay down an extra layer of bone. You will often find bone spurs on the back or underneath your heel.

    Bunions: Often found near the big toe, tight fitting shoes can cause bunions. The big toe will turn inwards, and the joint becomes inflamed. With this problem, you will likely need to see a podiatrist.

    Hammertoe: Unlike bunions, hammertoe affects the smaller toes, particularly the middle toe joint. This issue can lead to corns or calluses, and you will likely experience pain and have difficulty finding form-fitting shoes. If left untreated, they may require surgical correction.

    Fractures: Foot and bone problems are the most well known when it comes to stress fractures. As with any fracture, falling, a heavy object, and more can cause it. Sports injuries are also a huge factor. If you think that you have a fracture, see your podiatrist right away.

    Foot and bone problems are more common than you would think, especially considering how many bones one has in their foot. Bone problems are more serious than some other foot issues because they need to be treated by professionals in order to get better. If you’ve been experiencing any foot pain, schedule an appointment with Alpine Foot Specialists today.

    Courtesy of: Foot Pain Explored

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