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    Foot Care for Babies

    Published on September 12th, 2016

    New parents are often enamored with their infant’s tiny feet, whether they are wrapped in little knit booties or barefoot. It is important to pay attention to your child’s feet even before they begin walking. The day your baby is delivered, the ob-gyn will check your baby’s legs and feet to make sure they are healthy and do not present any abnormalities, such as an extra toe or webbed toes. Fortunately, most foot abnormalities that arise in infants are fully treatable.

    After Infancy

    Your child’s first steps are a huge moment in any parent’s life. Clearly, you will watch your child walk and experience new things; you will also want to watch how they are walking. While it is normal for new walkers to be on their toes or stand further apart than normal, if it persists, you will want to see a podiatrist. In particular, those that continue to stay on their toes ought to see a podiatrist.

    Doctors don’t notice certain foot abnormalities right when your baby is born; sometimes they develop afterwards. These type of problems, include intoeing and turned-in or turned-out knees, can be corrected, but it is important to see a podiatrist if you have concerns.

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    When your child is in need of a podiatrist, see one right away! Treatment will always be easier the earlier you see the doctor. Our podiatrists will be able to look at gait, foot functionality, shape of the foot, and more to help diagnose your child. The foot arch is definitely something that we will look at, as flat feet are painful and lead to other problems. Your toddler, at around two and a half years old, will begin to see their arch; before then, there is fat in the area instead.

    Schedule an appointment with us today if you notice that your child is developing an abnormal gait, or if foot problems run in your family.

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