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    Balance and Your Body

    Published on June 3rd, 2016

    All of us have tripped or had a klutzy moment. However, when this is rather repetitive, there may be a bigger issue. If you have a foot imbalance, this can lead to many problems, as your feet provide a foundation for the rest of your body. Foot imbalance, often caused by fallen arches, affects the kinetic chain within your body, causing muscle stress, pain, and even problems with your organs!

    Your Foot Structure

    Due to your foot make-up, as well as how much we rely on them, your feet affect the rest of your body. Its ability to stay on balance and provide a strong foundation is imperative to your overall health. Consisting of a quarter of the bones in your body, over 200 muscles, tendons and ligaments, and 60 joints, it is easy to see how an imbalance can occur, as well as why your feet are so important.

    Symptoms of an Imbalance

    Foot imbalances are rather common, particularly amongst women. Fortunately, imbalances can be treated. However, without treatment, many problems can occur. This is due to the fact when you are standing, walking, running, etc., your feet absorb a certain amount of shock. Without this absorption, the shock spreads throughout your body, leading to stress on your muscles and ligaments.

    Another issue is pain in your neck, hips, and back. Your posture is negatively affected when you have a foot imbalance, and poor posture can cause neck, back, and hip pain. With custom foot orthotics, this can often be fixed.

    Lastly, your organ function can actually be affected when you have a foot imbalance! Your feet and brain are connected through millions of touch receptors, and when your feet touch the ground, it sends signals to your brain. With proper balance, the correct messages are sent. However, your feet will send over-compensation signals to the brain when it needs help. Eventually, these “corrections” can lead to a change in the physical structure of your body, including your organs.

    Come to Alpine Foot Specialists!

    Foot pain is not something to ignore. As you can see, this foot imbalance leads to many long-term issues. With proper treatment at Alpine Foot Specialists, we can get you back to tip-top shape! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

    Courtesy of: Total Balance


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