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    Foot Surgery at Alpine Foot Specialists

    Published on February 15th, 2017

    The range of foot surgeries available through Alpine Foot Specialists includes bunion correction, ingrown toenail treatment, infection drainage, and much more. We offer both in-office minor surgery, as well as surgeries that are done at local trusted hospitals. Our podiatrists are extremely experienced and are able to provide the surgery you need for your foot condition.

    Types of Surgeries

    As mentioned previously, we offer many different surgeries. Your foot hosts nearly 25 percent of all the bones in your body, meaning there is a greater chance of injury. There are multiple foot conditions where foot surgery is the correct treatment, particularly if it is at an advanced stage. We offer:

    • Bunion Correction
    • Hammertoe Treatment
    • Foreign Body Removal
    • Ingrown Toenail Procedures
    • Laser Surgery
    • Laceration Repairs
    • And more!

    Are You Dealing With Foot Pain?

    Most foot pain is indicative of something more. It is important to seek care at a podiatrist so they can properly diagnose any problem your feet are having. Additionally, this allows early detection if you see a podiatrist when you start to notice pain. More often than not, non-surgical treatment will do the trick, whether the solution is custom orthotics, icing, anti-inflammatories, or something else. However, some patients do need surgery, which our podiatrists can help with!

    At Alpine Foot Specialists, we can do many surgeries in our office to make it more convenient for you. Things like MLS Laser Therapy, surgical screw removal, and more can be completed in-office. When it is a more complicated procedure, we are able to perform the surgery at a hospital; no matter what, you’ll be able to count on the podiatrists that you know rather than a stranger.

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