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    Footwear For Active Teens

    Published on October 14th, 2016

    Many teens are active in a variety of sports, from soccer to basketball to dance. Ultimately, this means that parents will need to invest in multiple pairs of sports-specific shoes. Clearly, the shoes one wears on the tennis court is not the same one would wear if they were playing football. This is both to preserve the fields as well as their feet. Having sports-specific shoes help protect one from injury due to construction of the shoe.

    Extra Support

    The main reason why these shoes are different from one another is because they take into account where support is needed the most. For example, basketball shoes have more ankle support because the movements in this sport puts extra strain on the ankles. Additionally, sports-specific shoes consider what type of field or court you will be playing on. Soccer cleats make running on the grass easier and lead to a lesser risk of slipping and injuring yourself, while shoes that will be on a court focus on non-slip soles.

    Proper Fit

    When you are in the process of finding the perfect sports-specific shoe, the fit is the most important part. It is smart to visit a specialty shop where associates not only have the knowledge, but the inventory as well. When you try on shoes, know that athletic shoes ought to fit immediately. Unlike boots or flats, you shouldn’t need to break in any athletic shoes. Remember to always look for wear and tear once you have had the shoes for a period of time. The rule generally is to replace athletic shoes once a year, while running shoes ought to be replaced every 300 to 400 miles.

    Experiencing Pain?

    If your teen is active in many sports, make sure that they have the proper athletic footwear necessary for success. At Alpine Foot Specialists, we can help with any foot or ankle pain, whether from a sports injury or not. If your teen has been complaining of foot pain, schedule an appointment with us today!

    Courtesy of: APMA

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