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    Have A Healthy Thanksgiving

    Published on November 16th, 2016

    November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, yet it is also a month with the most indulgent holiday of all-Thanksgiving. While digging into a plate full of turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce, and more is extremely appealing, it is important to try to have some semblance of healthy eating. Now, you can definitely enjoy your meal and the day, but there are some tips you can use instead to help you with healthy eating!

    Focus on Your Family

    One of the best tips is to focus on the people around you, not the food. By spending time walking around and mingling with everyone, you won’t be tempted to go into the kitchen every ten minutes. Catch up with your family, not the appetizer table! In addition, when you arrive (or when people are arriving), mention that you’ll be taking a walk after the meal. That way, you can burn some calories, and hopefully some members of your family will want to join in!

    After the Meal

    Right after the meal, plan on helping clean up. Not only is it helpful to your hosts, it is also a way to be on your feet. After this, you can take your walk! Clearly, Thanksgiving is not a day to spend exercising-but the day after can be. Whether your day-after plans include Black Friday shopping, putting up your tree, etc., there is time to either fit in a workout or see your activity as a workout. After all, shopping on Black Friday requires a lot of endurance!

    The Actual Food

    Despite all the plans, it may be difficult to avoid temptation once you sit down to the dinner table. Fortunately, you don’t need to-everything in moderation! Remember to simply stop eating when you are full, and take smaller portions of everything since there will be more to choose from. Try to take a bigger portion of green beans and then a small portion of pumpkin pie.

    Thanksgiving is a time to see the family, and yes, indulge a little bit. However, to avoid going overboard, follow the aforementioned tips. You’ll feel better about yourself, and the tryptophan won’t make you too tired with a small portion!

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