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    Helping Your Broken Toe

    Published on October 13th, 2017

    Stubbing your toe on the bedpost or dining room table can be very painful and debilitating. Though we have all done it, it hurts every single time! Without proper evaluation and treatment, a broken toe can heal very slowly, heal improperly, and/or cause long-term swelling and pain. It can feel like you don’t have any options; most people think that nothing can be done for a broken toe, but at Alpine Foot Specialists, we can alleviate the pain and get you back on your feet much quicker.

    How We Can Help

    First, we will examine your foot and take x-rays. If a fracture is found we will teach you how to buddy tape your toes and place your foot into a stiff soled surgical shoe to provide compression and splint the fracture site. If necessary, we will also reduce the fracture by placing it into proper position. This is done after numbing the toe anesthesia. Your fracture will be re-evaluated with x-rays every two weeks to ensure proper healing. Average total healing time for a fracture is six weeks. It is best to ice daily, elevate the foot as much as possible, and limit your activity during the healing period.

    Remember that a broken toe can be extremely painful and can lead to further problems down the road without proper treatment. You may have heard that, like broken fingers, you just need to power through a broken toe. This is false; at Alpine Foot Specialists, we can provide a variety of ways to assist you with your broken toe.

    If you think you may have a fractured toe or have chronic pain due to a foot injury, call us to schedule an evaluation today!

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