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    Helping Your Feet Survive Halloween

    Published on October 18th, 2017

    For many of us, Halloween is a night of fun, filled with ghosts, goblins, witches and glowing jack-o-lanterns. And of course, there’s always that sack of “trick or treat” candy that goes with the festivities.

    As that fun-filled, spooky day approaches, perhaps the last thing you’re thinking of is your feet. But with all that trooping around from house to house, your feet can take a beating, and we want to pass on a few tips that will help you avoid foot pain and problems after Halloween has passed.

    For adults, it’s a good idea to layer your feet. Wear warm, wool socks with a moisture-wicking polypropylene layer underneath. Avoid cotton socks as they absorb sweat and moisture.

    Much the same goes for the kids. Put aside the crazy footwear and make sure their feet stay dry and warm. They might beg you for costume-appropriate footwear, but don’t give in. The witch heels and werewolf feet may look cute, but can be dangerous if they’re walking on slippery surfaces. Insist that they wear sturdy shoes and like you, warm wool socks over a moisture-wicking layer beneath.

    Also for the adults, avoid those towering, high-heel boots. Those might be great for an indoor social occasion, but not for walking the streets on Halloween night. Blisters, nerve pain on the balls of your feet and plantar fasciitis heel pain are no way to end a fun night. So wear low-heel, comfortable shoes. It’s really not worth several days of pain for a few hours of looking really chic on Halloween night!

    Watch those laces. To prevent stumbles and falls, double-tie the kids laces and keep a sharp eye for pieces of their costume that might fall off and wrap around their feet.

    Before the big day, talk to the kids about safety. Remind your children to look out for Halloween decorations on porches, steps and lawns that could trip them up. And encourage them to stay on sidewalks and driveways, rather than cutting across lawns.

    If despite your best efforts to prevent them, your child ends the night with blisters or aching feet, trying soaking their feet in warm Epsom salt water for the aches. And for blisters, apply aloe vera or Vitamin E cream and cover with a bandage.

    Unfortunately, neither of these will cure a tummy ache brought on by eating too much candy!

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