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    How do you correct a bunion?

    Published on May 28th, 2023

    What is a bunion?

    “A bunion is a common foot deformity where the large toe moves
    out of alignment. This often causes a bump along the side or top
    of the joint with drifting of the large toe towards the second toe. It
    is more common among women and is caused by joint instability,
    altered mechanical forces, and is often times hereditary. Bunions
    can cause gradual increased deformity, pain, stiffness, and difficulty wearing shoes.”

    How do you correct a bunion?

    “I evaluate bunions with a physical examination and x-rays. I evaluate
    bunions in all three planes to thoroughly determine which surgical
    procedure is most appropriate for each individual patient. The
    surgical procedure I choose is also based on the patient’s age,
    health conditions, lifestyle and their expectations or goals.”

    What does recovery look like after bunion surgery?

    “Recovery varies depending on which surgical procedure is
    performed. Procedures range from simply removing a bony bump
    to fusion of the joint (Lapiplasty) to total joint replacement. No
    matter which procedure performed, patients must limit their
    activity for the first four to six weeks.”

    When should someone have their bunion corrected?

    “I believe that someone should consider having bunion surgery
    when their bunion is causing chronic pain, holding them back from
    activities or exercise, or causing difficulty wearing shoes.

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