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    How Practicing Yoga Can Help Your Feet

    Published on September 30th, 2020

    Many people are attracted to yoga because of the numerous benefits the practice provides, not realizing that this extends all the way to their feet! Yoga can be a great outlet for those looking to relax, center themselves, and improve their overall flexibility. In terms of your feet, there are unique podiatric benefits to consider—for casual, intermediate, and advanced yogis alike.

    Reduce the Risk of Foot-Related Injuries

    It’s no secret that those who are more flexible and fit are less likely to experience certain kinds of injuries, and this applies to your feet and ankles as well. Yoga positions that activate the legs, ankles, and feet can help strengthen your bones and connective tissues. Strengthening and improving the flexibility of your ankles and feet through yoga can help make them less susceptible to breakdowns and damage.

    Improve Your Balance

    Fall-related injuries can be very serious. Lots of people fall every year as a result of losing their footing and suffer broken bones, head injuries, or worse. In addition to exercising caution in all potentially risky situations, you may be able to lessen your risk of having a serious fall by working on balance-focused poses in yoga which strengthen your foot muscles. Many positions focus on balance, such as the tree, high lunge, chair, warrior pose, and extended triangle.

    Relieve Foot Pain

    A podiatrist may recommend stretching as part of treatment for a variety of food conditions, including plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Stretching through yoga can provide a relaxing way to soothe tired and inflamed muscles in your feet. In a yoga class, this may be referred to as ‘finding space’ in an area of the body. Remember to breathe and listen to your body while gently moving into the pose. Never try to force your body to extend in a way that feels wrong.

    Increase Circulation in Your Feet

    With much of a typical person’s time spent sitting or lying down, almost anyone can benefit from improving the circulation to their feet. Those living with chronic conditions that affect their circulation, such as diabetes, this may be even more important. Moving through a series of yoga poses can help improve your circulation while you relieve stress. Certain patients struggling with peripheral neuropathy may also benefit from specialized yoga practice.

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