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    Jogging for Beginners

    Published on July 13th, 2015

    Looking for a way to lose weight in a healthy way? A simple and effective exercise is jogging. Not only is it convenient and cost-efficient, but jogging also does not take up a lot of time. Another benefit is the fact that rather than being too easy or difficult, jogging places the perfect amount of stress on your body. If you are a jogging beginner, follow these tips to make the most of your new exercise regimen!

    Tip 1: STRETCH your muscles before and after your jog. Muscle imbalances are a side effect of jogging without stretching and strengthening your muscles. Be sure to do stretches that work the calf, hamstring, lower back, shins, and the front of your thigh in order to prevent muscle weakening or contraction. When you are jogging, the proper form is also important; keep your shoulders relaxed and back straight to avoid soreness.
    Tip 2: Start off SLOW in the beginning. Jog about a mile each time until you can go without stopping to walk or take a break and then steadily increase the distance.
    Tip 3: WEAR good running shoes. Invest in a pair that will absorb most of the impact from when your feet hit the ground and can protect against foot injuries.
    Tip 4: PLAN your jogs. Look at your schedule and plan out when and where you will jog, leaving two days for rest. To make your jogs more interesting you can change up your routes, enter a race, or have a jogging buddy.

    Whenever you begin a new exercise regimen make sure to know the basics, such as proper form, possible injuries and how to prevent them, and the correct warm-up and cool down procedures. Jogging, while not a difficult exercise, still can cause foot and muscle injuries if not done correctly. However, when jogging properly, it is a great exercise for all ages, whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, or strengthen your muscles. If you have any questions about the right type of shoe or how to start a jogging program, you can contact us at (847)-540-9949.

    Courtesy of: Fitness Tips

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