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    Neuromas No More

    Published on February 24th, 2016

    Neuromas, also known as Morton’s neuromas, are a rather common problem podiatrists treat, particularly in the winter. Essentially, this condition is when a nerve becomes inflamed or engorged between the third and fourth toes. This can be rather problematic, for it causes difficulties walking and leads to nerve complications. Fortunately, treatment is available, though it is important to see a podiatrist right away if you are noticing nerve pain in the affected area.

    Causes and Symptoms

    Pressure is the main cause of neuromas, often stemming from tight shoes or repeated trauma. Properly fitting shoes are crucial in preventing foot conditions. Typical symptoms include on and off pain near the third and fourth toes, sometimes the second as well. Numbness and tingling are less likely, but may also occur, particularly when the condition has continued without treatment.


    Depending on the severity of the neuroma, treatment differs. However, common treatment includes steroid injections, MLS Laser Therapy, and/or icing. Custom orthotics can also be used. The goal is to relieve the pressure on the neuroma and decrease the swelling. If necessary, surgery may be recommended; the success rate with neuroma surgery is very high.

    If you have been dealing with pain in your foot and notice an inflamed area, contact Alpine Foot Specialists. Locate where the pain is coming from as best as you can; if it seems to be coming from between your toes, it could potentially be a neuroma. Our podiatrists will be able to diagnose your foot condition properly and recommend an individualized treatment plan.

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