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    Promoting Balance Through Footwear

    Published on February 17th, 2016

    As one gets older, one main concern health-wise is the risk of falling. While falling as a child is expected, when an elderly person falls, it can result in severe consequences. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the largest cause of injury amongst senior citizens. One of the best ways to prevent falls is with improved balance, which can be developed in a number of ways, including proper foot care.

    Shoe selection is a big part of proper foot care. When looking for a shoe to help with balance problems, you wouldn’t pick a high heel or something with a pointed toe! There are specific steps you can take to make sure that your shoes will promote balance and comfort.

    With regards to quality shoes, be ready to invest a bit of time and money. Go to a store that will be able to measure your feet and help with recommendations. When you do visit the store, go later in the day, for this is when your feet are at their largest. Bring a pair of socks with so you know exactly how the shoe will fit with your own socks on versus the ones that the store provides. Understand that if a pair of shoes is uncomfortable when you try them on, breaking them in will not help.

    If balance is not your only problem with your feet, speak to a podiatrist about recommendations for footwear. Oftentimes, custom orthotics are prescribed for those with feet conditions. Remember to try on shoes with these orthotics in place. Proper footwear can do a lot in assisting with balance problems. See a doctor if you are noticing that you or a loved one are having continual difficulties with balance.

    Courtesy of: APMA

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