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    Running Injuries Part 2

    Published on April 8th, 2016

    When your feet experience a certain amount of trauma, injuries can occur. Multiple things, such as running or other intense exercise, can cause trauma. Athletes are at a higher risk of foot and ankle injury due to the level of usage. Two common running injuries are Morton’s neuroma and stress fractures.

    Morton’s Neuroma

    What is a Morton’s neuroma? It is a foot condition that is characterized by an inflamed and thickened nerve due to tissue growing around the nerve. Symptoms can include pain in between the third and fourth toe, numbness, a burning/tingling sensation, and inflammation. Fortunately, if you see a podiatrist for treatment early, management of the neuroma will be easier than if you wait. Treatment can include icing, MLS Laser Therapy, custom orthotics, and more.

    Stress Fractures

    Stress fractures are very common amongst runners, as the overuse leads to small cracks in the bone. The bones that are most commonly affected are the metatarsal bones, which are long bones that connect with the toe. Stress fractures can be extremely painful, particularly after weight-bearing activity. It is important to see a podiatrist for treatment to avoid further aggravation of the stress fracture. Treatment includes rest, icing, and splinting of the foot, though more intense management may be necessary for stress fractures that are not treated properly or early.

    Overall, running injuries are painful and ought to be taken seriously. Oftentimes, rest and ice can do the trick, but if they are not treated, they can get much worse. If you are an avid runner, some of the best tips include wearing properly fitting shoes and taking a day off here and there to alleviate the stress put on your feet. Contact Alpine Foot Specialists if you have been experiencing pain in your feet after repeated trauma.

    Courtesy of: Sports-Health

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