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    Shin Splint Savvy

    Published on November 20th, 2015

    Ask anyone who has ever had one and they will tell you how much pain shin splints can cause. However, shin splints are technically not the actual injury; rather, they are caused by other injuries. Typically, muscle and tendon inflammation is the culprit, but really anything that deals with overuse, such as stress fractures, could cause shin splints. Athletes, particularly dancers, runners, and basketball players, experience shin splints more often than people who participate in less intensive activities.


    Unlike other foot and leg problems, when you have shin splints, it is unlikely that it could be another condition, as the pain is so specific to your shin. Oftentimes, it starts as more of a dull, aching pain along your shin; it will also tend to go away during your actual workout, flaming up at the beginning or end.


    When you notice this shin pain, do not just work through the pain. Begin to ice it immediately and rest your leg. Anti-inflammatories can also help with your pain, as can scheduling a massage. However, even after you have iced and rested your leg, the problem that caused the shin splint may still be there. This is where you take preventative measures to keep from getting another shin splint.


    There are some basic steps you can take to prevent another shin splint. This includes proper stretching before and after your workouts, custom orthotics, and investing in appropriate running shoes. If you continue to have problems regarding shin splints, see a podiatrist today.

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