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    Skin Cancer of the Feet

    Published on July 20th, 2016

    Typically, cancer and feet are not necessarily associated with one another. However, there are quite a few types of skin cancer that can be found on the feet. Fortunately, there are many common features, meaning that if you notice any of the symptoms or traits, it is important to see a doctor immediately.


    Skin cancer can occur anywhere on the body, and is most often caused by sun damage. When it comes to your feet, skin cancer is actually caused by other factors over sun damage. These causes include viruses, chemical exposure, chronic inflammation/irritation, or inherited traits.


    During regular medical exams, your feet tend to be overlooked. This means that it is important for you to take note of any abnormalities, such as ulcers, bleeding or cracked bumps, etc. In addition, follow the “ABCD’s” of melanoma, a deadly type of skin cancer: asymmetry, borders, color, and diameter. This means that any mole, bum, patch, etc. on your skin that has uneven borders, sides that don’t match, multiple colors, or is large, you should contact a doctor immediately.

    Types of Skin Cancer

    On your feet, the most common form of skin cancer is squamous cell carcinoma. This shows itself as other forms of foot conditions, such as an ulcer, but if caught early enough, it is highly treatable. There is also basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. The former is one of the least aggressive forms, while the latter is one of the most deadly.

    Skin cancer of the feet can be caught early, as long as you pay attention to any abnormalities on your feet. Visit a podiatrist if you notice any of the above symptoms, as they are trained in lower extremities and skin cancer of the feet.

    Courtesy of: APMA

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