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    Skin Problems

    Published on March 17th, 2016

    Foot pain can stem from multiple issues, such as plantar fasciitis or hammertoe. However, one common cause is skin problems, from calluses to athlete’s foot. These skin problems can occur due to a myriad of reasons. Oftentimes, either poor foot hygiene or an unnatural amount of trauma will be the culprit. Below are some of the most common forms of skin problems; all of which are issues that need to be treated by a podiatrist.


    Though corns are smaller than calluses, they are both hard and thick areas of skin on the foot. Often found around the toes, they are caused by repeated friction. Calluses are rather unsightly, but corns are more serious. Corns are much more painful and can lead to ulcers.

    Athlete’s Foot

    As a fungal infection, athlete’s foot is a treatable condition, as long as it is taken care of. You will be required to practice good foot hygiene and use anti-fungal medication. Though this condition is seen more in the summer, it can crop up in the winter.

    Ingrown Toenail

    Oftentimes, incorrectly fitting footwear is the root cause of many foot problems. This is no different with an ingrown toenail, which can also be caused by incorrectly cutting your toenails. An ingrown toenail can be treated at our office, so if you notice that the edges of your toenail are being pushed into the skin that surrounds it, contact Alpine Foot Specialists. You will likely notice pain and swelling, along with redness around the area.

    Skin conditions are something that you will want to treat early on, especially with spring right around the corner! Fortunately, Alpine Foot Specialists offers many products that can help, along with treatment options such as MLS Laser Therapy and in-office minor surgery. Schedule an appointment today!

    Courtesy of: Foot Pain Explored

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