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    Summer Foot Hazards

    Published on July 26th, 2017

    Many people get excited as the warm weather approaches and the summer heat hits because it means they get to bring out the flip flops and be more active outside. But poor choices when it comes to summer footwear and how you do or don’t take care of your feet when its hot, can cause serious foot pain or foot health issues. Here are a few foot hazards you should be aware of this summer so you can protect your feet!

    Going Shoeless

    While it feels great to give your feet some air, going barefoot is not the best way to maintain optimum foot health. It not only increases your risk of injection and injury, but leaving your feet unsupported while you walk can lead to serious foot pain.

    Flip Flops & Sandals

    Walking around barefoot is not great for your feet but neither is wearing unsupported flip flops and sandals. The flat soles of these shoes require the front of the foot to work harder to grasp the shoe and keep it on your foot. Additionally, sandals and flip flops where your feet and toes are always exposed are not very protective. This allows germs to spread more easily, especially if blisters and cuts on your feet are increasing the likelihood of exposure.

    Sweaty & Swollen Feet

    Hot temperatures and humidity paired with increased activity can often cause the feet to swell. This can lead to unpleasant and uncomfortable foot pain if not addressed properly. Sweaty feet can also be of concern because they are more prone to infection and can lead to athlete’s foot. Try an antiperspirant or sweat-specific socks to help with sweaty feet.

    Sunburned Feet

    It is not uncommon for people to forget to put sunscreen on their feet when they are in the sun for a significant amount of time. If you do get a sunburn on the tops of your feet it can cause pain and eventually lead to itching. Try soothing these burns with a cold compress or aloe vera.

    Corns & Blisters

    The increased sweating, swelling, and sunburn in the summer can sometimes lead to other foot issues including corns and blisters. Wearing supportive shoes when active and covering up blisters and corns with pads and patches can help to decrease any pain and eliminate the risk of developing more foot health issues.

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