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    Summertime Shoes

    Published on June 9th, 2015

    Ladies! We all know one of the best parts of summer is the freeing ability to wear shoes other than winter boots. From sandals to wedges to stilettos, the shoe world is our oyster. However, sometimes these shoes can become painful or cause foot problems. Potential culprits include lack of support, where pressure is being placed, and more. Follow these next tips to have a pain-free summer!

    Tip 1: Flip-flops often have no support, meaning that tendon injuries and ankle sprains run rampant. Try to find shoes that have at least some support, and add an orthotic device if necessary.

    Tip 2: Stilettos, while they look great, put too much pressure on the ball of your foot and are often too narrow, leading to forefoot issues and bunions. If you do have to wear high heels, make sure to find a pair that fit your foot shape and are not too high.
    Tip 3: During the summer, your shoes are more likely to wear out. Worn out shoes tend to translate into chronic foot pain and possible fungal infections. To mitigate this danger, be sure to replace worn-out shoes.
    Tip 4: Ballet flats offer no arch support, therefore be sure to buy some sort of orthotic device to insert when you wear them to avoid ankle issues and foot pain.
    We encourage all of you to keep your feet pain-free this summer by following these tips!
    Courtesy of: Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists

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