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    Tips for Picking the Right Shoes for Flat Feet

    Published on August 2nd, 2018

    At Alpine Foot Specialists, we often see patients with pain caused by wearing the wrong type of footwear.  Flat feet are either inherited or caused by muscle damage, weight gain, prolonged weight bearing, high-impact activities, wearing poorly fitted shoes or other health conditions. Individuals with flat feet sometimes have a very hard time finding the right type of shoe.

    Casual Shoes

    For someone with mildly flat feet, they may be able to get away with wearing a comfortable, casual shoe that has proper arch support and a firm heel. Before purchasing any shoe, it is important to test them on both feet and walk around the store. Another suggestion would be to purchase a shoe with a removable insole so that you can insert your own arch support insole that is designed to fit your foot.

    Orthopedic Shoes

    Orthopedic shoes are a common purchase for someone with flatfoot deformity.  They offer many different variations in order to fit your feet as ideally as possible. Unfortunately, orthopedic shoes do not have much of a style and this is why many people are deterred from buying them. Thankfully, orthopedic inserts have been made that give a similar effect to the orthopedic shoes.

    Running Shoes

    People with flat feet tend to walk with their ankles turn inward, thus putting strain on their knees, ankles and feet. Luckily, there are running shoes specifically designed with extra stability control and cushioning.  These running shoes are an excellent choice for individuals with mild or moderate flat feet.

    Arch Support

    Many sandals claim to be “doctor recommended” with added arch support, but in many cases, they don’t have nearly enough support. Sandals lack many of the structures of a regular shoe, such as a back and laces.  If you have flat feet and want to wear sandals, be sure to start slowly and only wear them for short periods of time. Wearing flip flops, high heels and clogs are generally not good shoes for individuals with flat feet.

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