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    Warm Winter Feet

    Published on December 20th, 2016

    While kids love to play in the snow, they need to be protected from the elements when they are outside. Proper winter gear will usually do the trick, but the Midwest winter tends to be worse than most. It is important to make sure kids are bundled up, and keep their feet warm, as cold feet will lead to the rest of you being cold! For those that participate in snow sports, this is especially true.


    With any snow sport, or just in winter in general, the proper footwear will be extremely helpful. Find something supportive and warm, and will fit with thick socks on. Most importantly, you will want to start off with a dry pair of socks and dry boots, whether this is a ski boot or a regular winter boot. Additionally, if you are skiing or snowboarding, get a real ski sock instead of cotton socks.

    Keep Your Feet Toasty

    How many times have you been out in the cold or snow and your feet are freezing? Fortunately, there are toe and boot warmers you can purchase! Toe warmers are great for your kids, as most kids’ boots have some extra toe room. If you spend a lot of time outdoors skiing or snowboarding, you may want to invest in boot heaters. They are made for both kids and adults, but make sure that your child is old enough to let you know if their feet are getting too hot.

    Bundle Up

    With kids, make sure that their extremities are always warm, with gloves and boots. However, their core also needs to be warm. With a good coat, layers underneath, snow pants, etc., your kids will stay warm weather outside building a snow fort or skiing on the slopes.

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