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    What Caused My Foot Condition?

    Published on April 12th, 2016

    Depending on the foot condition, there are different causes. However, there are a couple of recurring reasons as to why foot issues occur amongst patients. Clearly, athletes are more prone to foot problems, as are people suffering from diabetes or other bone issues, such as osteoporosis. If you are wondering, “what caused my foot condition?”, other reasons include continually wearing unsupportive shoes, genetics, and repetitive trauma.

    The Shoes You Choose

    Shoes that fit properly and are not painful are what you should be looking for. When shopping for shoes, go in the afternoon, for this is the largest your feet will be in the day. Wearing heels or tight shoes can lead to many feet problems, including heel pain, bunions, or hammertoe. Any unsupportive shoes, whether they are flip-flops or stilettos, can lead to painful foot conditions. If necessary, you can get custom orthotics at our office.


    Your feet are inherited from parents or grandparents, meaning that so are their foot conditions. If your ancestors had or have bunions, flat feet, high arches, or another issue, you may discover that you also have the same condition. Fortunately, since you know what conditions affect your family, you can be proactive in your treatment. With foot problems, it is important to know that they often worsen without proper treatment. Therefore, if you notice any pain, you ought to go to a podiatrist and make sure to mention your family history.

    Repetitive Trauma

    As mentioned previously, athletes tend to experience worsened foot pain than others. This is due to the repetitive trauma they put their body through. Though it is important to exercise and be healthy, it is also important to know when your body (and your feet) needs rest. Any sign of foot or ankle pain should be treated with ice and rest, and a visit to the podiatrist if pain persists.

    Overall, foot conditions stem from many causes. However, many of these problems can be traced back to poorly fitting shoes, genetics, or repetitive trauma. Schedule an appointment with Alpine Foot Specialists if you are noticing a considerable amount of foot pain.

    Courtesy of: Advanced Podiatry

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