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    What is Turf Toe?

    Published on March 22nd, 2019

    There are various common foot ailments that you might experience if you are an athlete. Turf toe is an example of an injury that athletes may develop during activity. This injury is a sprain of the big toe joint that occurs from the excessive upward bending of the big toe joint. The injury may may be a result of repetitive motions or from jamming the toe joint in a sudden movement.

    The injury is referred to as “turf toe” because it often occurs amongst athletes who play on artificial turf. Turf can cause feet to stick to the hard surface and result in this injury. You may be at an increased risk of suffering from turf toe if you are wearing unsupportive shoes.

    Athletes at risk include participants in basketball, soccer, football, wrestling, gymnastics and dancing.


    If you are suffering from turf toe, you may feel pain, swelling and limited movement of the joint. If you notice that your symptoms are continuing to get worse, schedule an appointment with our podiatrists.


    Experiencing turf toe is painful, so you’ll want to take the right amount of time to heal. Treatment options include rest, ice, compression and elevation. It’s also ideal to wear sturdy footwear to decrease your range of motion to start the healing process.

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