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    Why Do Our Feet Stink?

    Published on September 23rd, 2015

    Smelly feet is a natural reaction humans have. When you have over 250,000 sweat glands in your feet alone, it is pretty hard to avoid some odor. The main two causes of smelly feet are sweating and improper footwear, though there are other causes. Nearly three percent of the population suffers from hyperhidrosis, meaning that they sweat much more than normal. For people suffering from this condition, prescription strength creams and antiperspirants are available. There are experimental treatments being done on people who experience hyperhidrosis on their feet. Unfortunately, you cannot really do much for your feet when they sweat. It is important to wash them well and rotate your shoes and socks, especially your work shoes.

    Another main cause is improper footwear. If your shoes are too tight, or made out of the wrong material, it can cause excessive sweating. Socks that are ventilated, as well as made out of cotton or wool rather than polyester or nylon, are your best bet. You can change your socks throughout the day if need be. Avoiding shoes that trap sweat, such as boots and synthetic footwear will help. However, during the winter this is rather unavoidable. Breathability will be important in winter and fall footwear, as will rotating your shoes each day. During the spring and summer, sandals offer the most amount of breathability, but can lack support. Make sure that your sandals not only prevents too much sweating, but that they offer your feet support.

    While sweating and improper footwear tend to be the main causes of smelly feet, other factors exist, such as genetics, emotional factors, and underlying medical issues. You are more likely to sweat heavier if hyperhidrosis runs in the family, and certain prescription medications can cause smelly feet. Eating spicy and greasy foods, or having an ailment such as athlete’s foot, contribute to foot odor. Overall, there are many different factors. The best option available to people without hyperhidrosis is just focusing on foot hygiene and purchasing the best kind of footwear.

    Courtesy of: SteriShoe

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