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    Winter Footcare Tips For Seniors

    Published on December 6th, 2021

    Wintertime can bring about new healthcare concerns, especially for the elderly. If you have a senior loved one in your life, whether they’re a friend, relative, or yourself, it’s beneficial to learn how to best take care of their feet during the coldest months of the year. 

    Clean and Moisturize Feet

    It’s always beneficial to keep your feet moisturized, but in the winter, they will most likely be drier as winter air takes out the moisture from the top layer of your skin. This can result in extreme dryness and even sores, as the elderly are often prone to broken skin. Wash your feet with soap and water every day, followed by applying moisturizer. Put on some non-slip cotton socks so your feet can better absorb the lotion.

    Keep Your Feet Active

    Staying active is vital for many health-related reasons, but it can also help keep your feet healthy, especially as a senior. You can do simple yet effective exercises at home such as using resistance bands, partaking in online yoga or fitness classes, or stretching your arches out with a tennis ball. While cold weather may hinder your motivation to get moving or do outside activities, these simple at-home exercises can keep your feet strong all winter long!

    Invest in Better Footwear

    When the cold weather and snow hit, it becomes time to bust out the thick wool socks. However, they can make your shoes feel too tight, and too-tight shoes increase your chances of falling. Make sure your winter shoes and boots have a wide-toe box so there is plenty of space for thick socks. Also, make sure to invest in shoes with effective traction on the sole for outdoor activities, and shoes and slippers with a smooth sole for indoors. The right footwear can keep decrease the risk of falls. 

    Keep Toenails Trimmed

    It’s important to keep your toenails trimmed to have good foot health. If they become too long, not only can it cause pain or discomfort, but it may even throw your balance off. That can increase your risk of falling. If you’re unable to trim your own toenails, a podiatrist or nail salon will be able to do so for you.

    Seek Professional Medical Care

    The best way to make sure your feet stay in great condition during the coldest months is to visit your trusted podiatrist. At Alpine Foot Specialists, we have years of experience seeing elderly patients and understand how cold weather can affect their feet. If you’re not sure how to properly take care of your feet or are experiencing any issue, big or small, we encourage you to make an appointment with us. 

    Our team is patient and attentive and will tend to any question or concern you may have. We look forward to seeing you this winter! 


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