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    Women’s Feet and High Heels

    Published on February 24th, 2017

    To the shock of no one, high heels have been proven to be horrible for your feet. While they may be in fashion, your feet will not be thanking you after a day of wearing heels. Fortunately, there are some heels that are better for your feet, as well as ways to alleviate pain if you absolutely do need to wear heels instead of more sensible flats.

    “Beauty is Pain”

    The old adage seems to have stuck with beauty standards to this day. Many women that wear heels still experience pain, but continue to wear their fashionable shoes. Ideally, everyone would avoid high heels, especially shoes such as stilettos, as there is absolutely no support in this type of heels. However, women that do wear high heels rarely wear them every single day, and many rarely wear them-only for special occasions. Any time you wear high heels, there are certain guidelines you may want to follow to keep your feet healthy.

    Wearing Heels

    As mentioned previously, all heels are not created equal. For shoes with a heel, a thicker heel is always better because it provides more support. Shoes like ankle boots, which are very popular, are better for your feet than shoes like stilettos, which have a very skinny heel. No matter what type of shoe, you will want to stick to a two-inch heel or less. Though avoiding a heel and having arch support is ideal, there are times when it is unavoidable.

    For the times when arch support will evade you, invest in some custom orthotics, or at least shoe inserts that fit your feet. That way, you can have the arch support you need, and will have access to more comfort than just the shoe will normally give you.

    No matter what, foot pain is never a good sign. If you notice that your feet are in pain, schedule an appointment with Alpine Foot Specialists. In addition, try to avoid wearing heels if you currently are!


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