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    Wonders of Wool Socks

    Published on February 12th, 2016

    Everyone knows that Chicago winter can become bitterly cold, especially when you factor in the wind. For days like that, you cannot rely on cotton socks to get you through the day. Wool socks are the perfect alternative for days that are not only cold, but are wet due to snow. There are multiple benefits of wearing wool socks this winter, and keeping yourself warm is just the beginning!


    Cotton loses any insulating abilities it has when it becomes wet, meaning that you may as well not have any socks on when there is snow on the ground. Wool, on the other hand, insulates great and can absorb a lot of moisture before actually feeling wet.

    Odor Resistant

    Clearly, staying warm is more important, but preventing foot odor is a pretty great benefit. Wool dries quicker and the fibers have anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, not only will your feet keep from smelling, but you also won’t have to wash your wool socks after every wear! This is an especially great bonus because wool socks often have to be hand dried.


    How often have you been wearing cotton socks with boots and notice the socks are no longer covering your heel? With wool socks, they stay on your feet and keep you warm. They are softer and more comfortable than typical cotton socks.

    Keeping your feet warm this winter is a big part of the struggle to stay warm in general. If your feet are cold, you probably are, too! In addition, warm and dry feet mean a healthier you and happier feet.

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