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    Wound Certification Course

    Published on November 29th, 2017

    This past month, Dr. Gurrera attended the Wound Certification Prep Course downtown Chicago. The series of lectures was very informative and was presented by nationally recognized experts and educators in wound care. Some topics that were discussed included preventing wounds, managing and healing wounds, and new clinical research. This was a great opportunity to discuss and share our experience with innovative wound care treatments.

    With diabetes and peripheral vascular disease on the rise in the United States, she felt that this was important for the treatment of our patients. These conditions often lead to foot wounds that are difficult to heal and require multiple types of treatment. Our goal as podiatrists is to see our high risk patients regularly to prevent foot wounds. However, once faced with difficult wounds we have extensive wound care knowledge and training. Treatment starts during your first visit to our office where we evaluate the wound and provide treatment to get the wound clean and free of infection. Next, we use wound care products and dressings to heal the wound. We work as a team with your primary care doctor and other specialists to control the many factors that may contribute to the wound. If wound healing is slow or stalled, we use the newest advanced wound care products such as collagen powders, growth factor gels, amniotic/placental membranes, and skin grafts. If you or a loved one is suffering from a non-healing wound or would like to start treatment to prevent such wounds please call us today.


    Our podiatrists take the time to go to seminars, lectures, courses, and more to continue their podiatric education, all so their patients continue to receive the best care possible. Foot care is extremely important, and your lower extremities deserve the best in care. At Alpine Foot Specialists, we can properly diagnose and treat your foot condition; schedule an appointment today!

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