Foot Hygiene

Derm Sweat Stop

Derm Sweat StopDerm Sweat Stop is used to treat hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet). It comes in a tablet form that is dissolved in a warm water soak. For best results, it is used for three consecutive days and then weekly as needed.



Clean Sweep

Clean SweepClean Sweep antimicrobial shoe shield provides bacterial, sporicidal, and fungicidal protection. It eliminates 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and fungus on contact. You can feel comfortable knowing your shoe odor will be neutralized quickly and effectively. This also helps to prevent reinfection after Athlete’s Foot and fungal nail treatment.



Dr. Foot Powder Spray

Dr. Foot Powder SprayDr. Foot Powder Spray relieves odor and wetness and helps prevent Athlete’s Foot (fungal infection) irritation. It contains ingredients that provide long duration comfort and cooling while easing irritation from tight fitting shoes. Daily use is recommended to control foot odor.


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